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With pay-per-click advertising, put your business in the spotlight the moment customers search for your products or services on Google or Bing search engines.

What are the main actions performed or services offered?

Keywords and long tail

The choice of keywords is essential, as they determine the success of a campaign. Overly generic choices of terminology are a real source of pollution and therefore inefficiency. That’s how part of your budget goes up in smoke.

This step is absolutely essential and one of the major tasks not to neglect. We carry out a study of lexical fields from the Google database, allowing us to isolate your strategic keywords as well as your “long tail” keywords. We then apply the appropriate correspondence options according to your business and its constraints.

Keywords to exclude

Always with a view to ensuring the utmost relevance, this step should not be overlooked. Indeed, certain business terms, related keywords or even synonyms can be a real source of unwanted clicks, consuming part of your budget at a complete loss. It is therefore necessary to remove all of these keywords in order to optimise your campaign budget.

Deploying the structure

A key step when constructing your campaigns, the structuring of an account needs to be thought through. Thorough segmentation requires hard work, but is undoubtedly one of the major keys to your success.


Our Marketing team creates as many large-format ad templates as needed to identify the best messages and constantly improve them. A good message will generate a significantly higher CTR (click through rate) and will qualitatively pull your campaign upwards.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions play an important role in two ways. They allow you to highlight additional information about your business. This way, your ad will have better visibility on the results page of the search engine and therefore a better CTR (click rate). Ad extensions play a key role on mobile devices as they can occupy up to 2/3 of a phone’s screen, pushing your competitors to the bottom.

Campaign settings

All of the settings for a campaign must be configured in a very precise way. The settings of your campaign determine in particular the daily budget consumed, its geographical range or distribution schedule, as well as the distribution network, the types of devices or the settings of even your cost-per-click strategy, to name just the main ones.

Implementation of conversion tracking

Conversion tracking allows you to follow the behaviour of Internet users, whether it is to purchase a product, fill out a contact form, contact a company by phone or subscribe to a particular newsletter. Thus, when the Internet user takes one of these steps, their action is recorded as a conversion. This tracking allows you to measure the profitability of your campaigns at all points and easily measure their ROI.

Quality Scores Optimisation

Each of the keywords in your ad groups is given a quality score from 1 to 10, indicating the quality of a set of criteria, for example keywords, ads and landing page, to name just the main ones. In addition, click rates, account history and the use of ad extensions are also available. In a way, the task of optimising these Quality Scores is the backbone of the effort, since it directly affects your average CPC (cost per click). High Quality Scores will imply a weighting of your CPCs and therefore a much better performing campaign by definition.

DSA Campaigns

Dynamic Search Advertising (DSA) uses your website to target ads to help you overcome the limitations of your traditional keyword-based campaigns. This type of campaign allows you to cover the entire lexical field of your activity.

Mobile campaigns

We create campaigns for you which are specifically designed to be displayed on mobile phones to occupy a maximum amount of space, allowing you to benefit from excellent visibility with a strong message, encouraging people to take action.

Application campaigns

Our mobile application campaign specialists design all types of campaigns according to your objectives, your strategy and your budget.

Google Shopping

Our Google Shopping experts assist you to make your feed as relevant as possible, the starting point for a successful and profitable Shopping campaign. We manage your day-to-day Shopping campaign in order to further develop your ROI.

Bing Ads

In addition to the channels of the Adwords sphere, it may be interesting for you to extend your online communication to Bing Ads, to account for significant additional traffic, in some countries even substantially more, thus finding a secondary source of profitability.