Google Display Network

Advertise on the web, applications & YouTube videos

Comprised of a variety of websites, applications and videos, the Google Display Network reaches more than 90% of the world’s Internet users. Publishing your Adwords ads on the sites of this network allows you to obtain greater visibility and excellent ROI.

The various types of Display campaigns

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Contextual Targeting allows targeted keyword ads to be matched with Display Network sites in the Google sphere. This type of targeting is specifically appropriate for advertisers looking for performance and profitable conversions.

Location Based Targeting

The Display campaign with location-based targeting allows advertisers to choose specific locations in which to place their ads.

An ad location can be as large as an entire website or can be a specific block of ads on a given page.

Targeting by theme

Targeting a Display campaign by theme allows you to position your AdWords ads on pages of websites in the Display network that deal with the same themes, whether they are about cars, travel, music or any other field.

Interest-based targeting

Interest-based targeting allows you to reach a select audience based on their interests as they browse sites, use applications, and watch videos and content on both the Google Display Network and YouTube.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting allows you to reach specific audiences that may meet certain age, gender, parental status and household income criteria. For example, if your business is aimed at women, demographic targeting will allow you to run your ads solely to a female audience, thus excluding men.

Selective Display Campaign

The Selective Display Campaign allows you to advertise selectively on the Display Network. The bids are automated, which is an advantage for reaching the people most likely to be interested in your services or products.

Smart Display Campaigns

Smart campaigns from the Display Network are the simplest and most effective solution for managing a complex set of advertising variables on the Display Network. A smart campaign from the Display Network brings together three optimisation technologies to overcome the difficulties and inaccuracies associated with bidding, targeting and ad creation.

Gmail Ads - Gmail adverts

Gmail adverts are expandable messages located above the tabs in the Gmail interface. With one click, they open up as an email. They may include images or videos. Many different types of targeting allow you to precisely target your audience.

YouTube Advertising

Numerous video and text formats allow you to communicate on the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube. Representing an audience of over 1 billion users, YouTube is available in 70 countries. The numerous targeting methods allow you to reach a qualified audience looking for your services or products.